Call Their Name

By Pastor Mark McAdow
“Call Their Name” has nothing to do with name calling. Name calling is usually a way of showing disrespect to a person or a group of people. We call them names to inflict harm of one kind or another. That’s not what I’m writing about!

In a men’s discipleship group meeting last Tuesday, I spoke about a concept I learned years ago about developing relationships with “re-occurrent strangers.”  What do I mean? The concept is called “strategic consumerism” – that’s the Big City Name. It simply means visiting the same gas station, restaurants, banks, businesses, etc. on a continuing basis for the purpose of developing a relationship with the workers, servers, etc.

There’s one name everyone loves to hear: our own! Our name represents our history, personality, individuality and character. When we think of someone’s name, we’re thinking of them and how they make us feel. Do we enjoy being around them or prefer to avoid them? The Bible says in Proverbs 22:1: “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” Our names are very personal and meaningful. That’s why I love to share the meaning of people’s names at baptisms, weddings and funeral services, too. We all love to hear our names, called by those we love.

Even employees want to be known by their names, not simply the job that they do. I try to make it a practice to ask a waiter or waitress their name if they don’t wear a name tag or failed to tell me.  I do that for several reasons – to show personal interest, sometimes to get their attention for additional service and show appreciation. I occasionally ask them if I could pray for them as well, but it all begins with asking their name.

Do you know the names of the tellers where you bank, or the waiter/waitresses at your favorite restaurants?  If so, do you call them by name? It only takes a moment, but you could make their day and even get better service too! Who knows, you may even have the opportunity to invite them to your church!  I shared a week ago about meeting Steven, a car wash attendant, whom when I asked him how he was doing replied, “I’m blessed by The Best!”  I responded positively and he asked me where I went to church. My response? - “Willow View on Purdue!”  He had never seen our church building, but he may show up one Sunday. If so, he’ll have the cleanest car in the lot.

 Who will you invite to Worship with you this Easter? Have you thought about it? Will you call them by name? You never know how one invitation could change a person’s life for eternity. Call their name and the relationship may never be the same.

Yours in Christ’s name,
Pastor Mark
PS: Congratulations to all who completed our 50-Day Challenge to “Be Transformed!” It’s been a joy to see your growth in Jesus this Lenten season already.

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