Treat With Tender Care

By Ashley Kiper
"Carry each other tenderly because each of our stories are mysteries."  This quote is written on a paper between my computer screen and keyboard.  Even though I neglected to write down the author's name, and it's not directly from the Bible, the words remind me daily of how important it is to humbly and gently help others.
One of the groups Willow View walks alongside locally is families served by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, DHS. These families face many more "mysteries" than we may ever know, but they are comprised of people loved by God.

How do we currently "carry" these families?  Monthly, Willow View hosts "The Village" respite program for children in foster families. Annually, the Mission Team with help from discipleship communities has a Christmas party for these families, and our church contributes 75 to 150 gifts for the DHS angel tree each year. These ministries matter. They give rest and hope to families, and in the last month I have had multiple foster parents tearfully thank me for the work of our congregation.
This week in worship, on behalf of the Willow View Mission Team, I will share about a new, tangible way for the Church (capital C) to meet needs of families in our community. It's called CarePortal.

In the process of meeting physical needs, we get to share the good news and hope of Jesus and pray for families served.  A few examples of local needs met through CarePortal in recent months are: utility bills, food, beds for a kinship placement, appliances, kitchen supplies, coats, diapers, and gas cards to support visitation.  We will respond to upcoming needs through our June communion offering.  You're invited to find out more here: Willow View Church | CarePortal  If you're interested in becoming a Willow View CarePortal team member, please reach out to me for information.  

Ashley Kiper
Director of Children's Ministries
P.S.:  Recent high school graduates, Quintin is leading the "Sticky Faith" study Sundays from 5 to 6 p.m. beginning June 4.

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