Our God Reigns and Rains

By Pastor Mark McAdow
Praise God for the wonderful rain we have received this week in Northwest Oklahoma.  It is a definite answer to prayer to see ponds filling back up, fields turning green and water “ponding” on the church parking lot. I also discovered my windshield wipers still work!

Rain cleanses the air, brings refreshment and ultimately new life. No one likes a drought. Rain also can bring historic flooding as it is in many parts of the country right now. Please remember to pray for those adversely being affected by too much rain too soon, even as we give thanks for the blessing of rain here. Our God rains!

Our God also reigns! Last weekend, 55 more Oklahoma United Methodist churches disaffiliated from the United Methodist denomination. Many prayers were answered last Saturday, but many more are still in the discerning and disaffiliation process. Please pray for them, especially First Church OKC where I pastored for 10 years and Lesly Broadbent pastored for three years, whose disaffiliation process was abruptly halted.  Please pray for a change of heart and mind of Bishop Jimmy Nunn and his Cabinet.  It is a “Moses moment” with our former Bishop: “Let my people go!”  They deserve the same consideration of any other church seeking disaffiliation in the Oklahoma Conference.

This last Wednesday was the 28th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.  First Church was heavily damaged in the bombing, and it took three years to rebuild.  Shortly after the bombing, a praying lady in the church had a vision of a sign she saw in a dream. It read, “Our Lord Reigns and We Will Remain!”  So, that made a literal sign and hung it on the church doors. Through great tragedy came continued ministry.

Northwest Oklahoma has been in a drought for a long time.  The Bible says there will come a time when there will be a drought or famine of hearing God’s Word in the land.  That’s where we seem to be in America today.  Fewer and fewer want to hear and obey the truth of God’s Word.  They talk about “their truth” rather than The Truth.  Truth is a person: Jesus Christ.  He said clearly: “I am The Way, The Truth and The Life; no one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6).  May the Holy Spirit draw people to Himself like our recent rains; refresh, renew and revive us all.  To God be the glory.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Mark
P.S.: I had the great joy of holding the newest baby in our Willow View family this Monday: Natalie Marie Todd.  Congrats to her Dad and Mom, Ron and Juli, and her four older siblings, too.

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