It’s Changing Time

By Pastor Mark McAdow
Robin and I just returned from Missoula, Montana, where we met the newest member of the McAdow family –  Julian Arturo McAdow!  The McAdow family line is expanding!

It’s amazing how a new baby can change your life – as any new parent finds out right away! Change is in the air.  Everything changes.  There is no schedule – something we aren’t used to at all – but it was still quite busy with eating, burping, “eliminating,” changing diapers and sleeping.  It went on and on around the clock.  There’s a reason why young couples are supposed to have children!

We did celebrate several “firsts” like Julian’s first trip to a restaurant, first nature walk/stroller in the snow, and Mom and Dad’s first official date “post birth” with Grandma and Grandpa Mac as the first “baby sitters.”  All went well as long as he was nursing/bottle feeding or sleeping. Whew!  It’s good to be home to Enid.  He is a handsome little guy!  Montana seems much too far away!

Changing diapers is something you never forget or ever get fully used to doing again.  I also got to change my shirt before we left due to a “diaper explosion” as I was holding my precious little grandson!  Change is messy at times – and a little stinky, too!

We’ve made some historic changes at Willow View in the last six months.  It’s been a little messy and a little stinky, but that’s part of the cost of positive change.  We’ve taken a stand for truth – the One who is the Truth – Jesus Christ!  We are now Willow View Church.  But we’re still “Willow View on Purdue!”

God has great plans for us in the new year.  We’ll have new opportunities to truly trust Him for next steps.  One of the first opportunities is this coming Monday, Jan. 16, in Bethany at St. Mark’s Global Methodist Church, formerly St. Mark’s UMC. It’s the first official gathering in Oklahoma of the new Methodist expression, The Global Methodist Church.  It’s a day to worship; learn more about The GMC and to hear from a Wesleyan scholar, too.  Robin and I plan to be there from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  I hope some of you will be able to join us there, too.  It’s simply a time to celebrate our love for Jesus and to learn about this new, conservative, evangelical, biblical expression of true Methodism!

Change is in the air.  I'm looking forward to being back with you in worship this Sunday.  Don’t worry – I don’t plan to sing!

Yours in Christ’s Love,
Pastor Mark

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