Have You Got Your Ears ON?

By Pastor Mark McAdow
When I was in high school, there was a fad among people to own a citizen’s band radio.  You could use them in your cars.  This is long before cell phones were a possibility and now in every pocket or purse.  Truckers used CB radios all the time, but for other folks it was new.  Everyone had a name or “a handle.”  If you wanted to know if someone else was on the airways, you’d ask the question, “Have you got your ears on?”  In more recent years, we’ve heard Verizon ask, “Can you hear me now?” in relation to their cell phone coverage.

I asked a similar question last Sunday regarding our spiritual lives.  What have you heard Jesus say to you recently? What has He been talking to you about?  Anything?  He said, “He knows his sheep and we know His voice.” Do we?  I offered a few “hearing aids” and challenged us to take 15 minutes every day this week to pray and read one chapter of First John every day.  Did you hear anything?  If so, praise the Lord!  If not, keep listening.  Remember we hear with our ears but we listen with our hearts.  The Lord is speaking, and He wants each of His children to recognize and respond to His voice!  There’s nothing more important than hearing a direct Word from the Lord to your heart!

We’ve had a wonderful week at Vacation Bible School with over 60 children being introduced to the love of Jesus in a fresh way!  Thanks to all the faithful teachers, helpers, volunteers and Willow View staff who made it all happen.  Your investment will reap eternal benefits for many of our kids.

We’re looking forward to honoring our dads this Sunday in worship for Father’s Day, as we honor our Heavenly Father every week in Sunday worship together.

This Wednesday night is also a very important evening in the life of our Willow View family.  We’ll meet for prayer at 6:30 p.m. and then have an all-church informational meeting at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary.  We will be seeking the Lord for next steps here at Willow View as we move forward.  We want your prayers and input, but most of all we want the mind of Christ.  Come help us discern the Lord’s will for Willow View.
With much love and appreciation,
Pastor Mark
PS: Happy anniversary tomorrow to my precious bride Robin for 39 great years together so far!

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