Do You Know NDOP?

By Pastor Mark McAdow
You’ve no doubt heard of IHOP – we have one right here in Enid –but do you know NDOP? I bet you do.  It’s the National Day of Prayer, and it’s today!  I gathered with a dozen pastors and community leaders, Quintin, Ashley and several dozen Christian believers at the Garfield County Gazebo for prayer at noon today.  The weather was nice and the prayers heartfelt.  The breeze was a special blessing. It was so nice to be with believers who love Jesus and are committed to prayer.

Is Enid a praying community?  I would like to think so, but the response today calls that into question.  I’m thankful we had several other Willow View members there today, too.  I was asked to pray for Enid churches.  This, in part, is what I prayed:

Gracious Heavenly Father,
     Thank you for the body of Christ.  You are the head and we are the members of your body - everyone created in your image and surrendered to your will.  May there be no spiritually dead churches in Enid but only ones filled with new life and your love.  May “brand loyalty” be exchanged for Jesus loyalty.  We repent of allowing the world’s sinful ideas to influence us and undermine our mission.
     Help us to boldly proclaim the Good News as revealed in your Holy Word, so hard hearts will be broken and blinds eyes opened to spiritual realities.  Turn our hearts back to you and let your church take the lead in our city, state and nation.  Empower us to be silent no longer but to speak the truth in love.  To stand against evil in our world and declare your power over it.  May your Holy Spirit ignite new love and passion in each of us for your kingdom, oh Lord, and not simply our own.
     Thanks for not giving up on us as your church.  We are your bride.  Purify your bride as we eagerly anticipate your return!  We love you Jesus.  We trust you Jesus.  We need you Jesus!
     In Jesus' name, amen.

Please take some time to pray for America and our leaders today.

Your brother in Christ,
Mark McAdow

PS:  Congratulations to all our grads, which we will honor this Sunday, May 7, in both of our worship services.  Ashley also put up a cool grad background for you to snap some photos at. See you Sunday.

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