Pray for Israel

By Quintin Wray
As many of you know, on Saturday, Oct. 7, Israel was attacked by a militant group known as Hamas. It was a surprise attack that led to the death of hundreds of people. Since then, the death toll has increased and the number of those injured is well into the thousands. Currently, the United States has pledged to send help to Israel to assist them in their time of need. This is a serious attack that has many serious consequences, and we can feel so powerless as Christians living in America. However, we do have power, that is the power of prayer.
I hope that each of you have found time this week to pray for Israel. If you have not, I ask that you do in the next couple of days as you read this. Pray that the Lord will bring healing to Israel. Israel is the chosen nation and country that is close to God’s heart. They have suffered so much pain and hurt the past few days. Pray for peace, security, healing, restoration, justice, and bravery in the coming weeks and months.
Why should we pray for Israel?
Does the Bible tell us to pray for Israel?
Are we obligated to pray for Israel?
I have fielded so many questions like this in the past couple of days from young students and adults alike. Well, in many places in Scripture God calls Israel “the apple of his eye,” which is a term of endearment. Often times when he says this, he talks about bringing blessings to those who bless Israel and curse to those who do it harm. So the answer is a big YES!, we should pray for Israel. We are obligated to pray for Israel. Why? Because the Bible says to do so in dozens of places, and for me that settles it.
Psalm 122:6. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May those who love you be secure.”
Once again, please find time this week to lift Israel in your prayers.
In Christian love,
Quintin Wray

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