His will, His way

By Pastor Mark McAdow
This has been the prayer of my heart over the last 15 months regarding our Willow View family.  We have prayed, listened, discussed and made decisions to move forward as a faithful church family on the foundation of God’s unchanging Word.  We made the painful but absolutely necessary decision last September to leave the United Methodist denomination because of its willingness to move away from God’s Word on foundational biblical issues.

This year we hosted several church meetings with Oklahoma representatives from the fastest growing Methodist movement in the world, the Global Methodist Church. Pastors from other Oklahoma GMC churches visited with us about the pros and cons of affiliating with the Global Methodist Church.  I made my own presentation in June to our Willow View famil, citing the comparisons of being an independent church or a member of the Global Methodist Church.  We took a survey that night and discovered that 60 of the 65 people present wanted to join the GMC.  We will take our official vote this Wednesday evening, Aug. 30, at 7:00 p.m. in the sanctuary following our weekly prayer gathering at 6:00 p.m.  We hope and pray you will be able to be present to vote.

Voting will be by members only using the “honor system.”  No ID’s required, but we will ask everyone present to sign in for our records. Three friends of Willow View (non-members) will be present to greet you and later to count the ballots.  The question on the ballot is simply this: “I believe the Lord is calling us as the Willow View family to join the Global Methodist Church.  Yes or No.”  Our Administrative Council has set a minimum of 75% as the necessary approval rate.  I pray it is much higher.

There are presently over 6,000 churches that have left the UMC in recent years.  Today there are 3,150 Global Methodist Churches (GMC).  In Oklahoma we currently have 42 GMC churches with about another 15 expected by year’s end.  When a geographical area has 125+ Global Methodist Churches, a Provisional Annual Conference is established. Currently there are 170 churches in Oklahoma and Missouri primarily that have formed The Heartland Conference.

Here are a few key facts:
  1.  The Global Methodist Church launched last year on May 1, 2022, with key leadership from The WCA (Wesleyan Covenant Association) representing traditional, biblical Methodist leadership.
  2. The GMC affirms the Bible as the unchanging Word of God.
  3.  The GMC is a global organization with churches around the world.
  4. The GMC allows all of its churches to own their own property and buildings.
  5. The GMC will assist with pastoral transitions by vetting pastoral candidates and assisting local churches in their selection of their own pastors, affirmed by a bishop.
  6. Several former UMC bishops have moved their credentials to the GMC including our former Bishop Robert E. Hayes, Jr.  Bishops will have term limits.
  7. The GMC will provide biblical and pastoral accountability for its churches.
  8. GMC pastors do not have “guaranteed appointments” if found ineffective.
  9. Mission opportunities will be vast.  The GMC already has launched new churches.
  10. There is no cost to join and no cost to leave the GMC.  Annual costs will be based on our church income limited to 1 and ½% to the Global Methodist Church and up to 5% to the Heartland Annual Conference. (This will be one half or less of what we were required to pay to the UMC).
  11. The GMC represents the fastest growing Methodist movement in the world.
  12. The GMC mission statement is, “Make disciples of Jesus Christ who worship passionately, love extravagantly and witness boldly.”

You can find other frequently asked questions at GlobalMethodist.org. Quintin and I will be available this Sunday, Aug. 27, at 10:15 a.m. in the Family Life Center to answer any additional questions you may have.  A copy of the GMC Transitional Book of Doctrine and Discipline is on the Welcome Center table.

These are amazing days for our Willow View family.  I’m excited about the possibilities of becoming a Global Methodist Church, celebrating our 121-year history, and providing Enid with the freshest and fastest growing expression of Methodism.  It’s great to be a part of the New Willow View!
Yours in Christ’s love,
Pastor Mark
PS: Thanks to all of the women who participated in the children’s ministry volunteer meeting last night (and others who have offered to help).  We have great leadership and many willing volunteers as we begin our fall children’s programming next month and continue to search for our next children’s director.  Thanks to all who are serving in our children’s ministry with commitment and grace, loving our children closer to Jesus.

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