Divine Appointments

By Pastor Mark McAdow
Robin and I just got back late Tuesday night from a pastor’s conference at Times Square Church in New York City.  After I got stuck in the elevator on the 28th floor of our Hampton Inn for 25 minutes, we also had the privilege of attending the Tuesday evening prayer meeting at the Brooklyn Tabernacle – Pastor Jim Cymbala’s church.  We’ve done several of his video series on prayer the last few years here at Willow View, and we have always wanted to attend the prayer meeting.  It was truly “awesome” – a word I like to reserve only for God.  He was there – very real and very present – in the worship, singing, praying, crying and responding to the Holy Spirit.  It truly was a taste of Heaven on earth!  Hundreds of people were gathered there from countries and nationalities around the world just to worship God and to pray!  We returned on Friday evening for a live concert with worship leaders Shane and Shane and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Singers.  It, too, was blessed!
We “Ubered” from Manhattan to Brooklyn both times.  It cost about $40 each way and we had a very interesting conversation with one driver named Johnny from New Jersey.  He had a well-used open Bible (the only Bible to have!) laying on the front passenger seat.  Robin and I got in the back seat, and she commented, “I like your book!”  I assumed it must be a Bible (I didn’t think she would say that about The Koran!) so I said, “We actually love that book!”  He turned around with enthusiasm and said, “Are you believers?!”  “Yes!”  You are only the second or third believers I’ve picked up in my car in the last seven years.  Now I knew for sure we were in New York City.  I asked if he had a church home and he said, “No – I haven’t found one that preaches the Bible.”  What a heartache to hear.  I suggested the two churches we visited, but he lives one and one-half hours away. At Robin’s suggestion, we took his name and address and gave it to the head of security who promised to have their men’s director give him a call to find a good Bible-believing church in his area.  Praise the Lord!  A Divine Appointment.
We also met a couple from Indiana who we ate lunch with one day.  As we asked about their children, they mentioned they had four biological children and an adopted Hawaiian girl who was now 9, after adopting her at 7 years of age.  I asked how it was going.  They paused and looked at each other and said “OK.”  We shared a little bit about our adopted girl and all the problems we encountered early on.  They then admitted, “It was very hard.”  We had a very engaging conversation and I felt led by the Lord to say to her publicly, “It’s going to be OK.”  She began to cry.  A simple lunch became a Divine Appointment.  

Have you had any Divine Appointments lately?  Have you voiced the name of Jesus to others this week?  Remember, there is power in His name.  The more we seek Him and claim His name, the more Divine Appointments I believe we will all enjoy! (Ask Sharla about some recent conversations she’s had at Callahans!).
Thanks to Quintin, Emily, Jessica and our entire staff for taking good care of you while I was gone.  I look forward to worshipping our Lord Jesus with you this Sunday.  “Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.  For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” - Psalm 100:4-5
Yours in Christ’s love,
Pastor Mark

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